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"The Leadership Institute was instrumental in providing the guidance and training to help me find a new career. During my consultation, I learned to develop my resume and sales pitch. I built up skills and networking contacts through LI training sessions, and I have been able to utilize them to be more effective at my job."
- Rocco Praglowski, Grassroots Coordinator - NRA

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"I value the opportunity to post open positions, but also the ability to search comprehensive job seeker profiles has been particularly helpful through my many years of recruiting. Some of my best hires have either been individuals who applied through ConservativeJobs or those who I reached out to after discovering their profile on the website."
- Kristen Eastlick, Vice President of Programs - Capital Research Center

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The Leadership Institute personally consults hundreds of jobseekers every year. Contact us and let professionals with decades of experience help you perfect your resume and cover letter and sharpen your interview and networking skills through free, personalized career consultations.

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