Get the Training You Need to Get the Job You Want

Leadership Institute (LI) Career Training can give you the skills you need to make yourself an invaluable asset to your employer. LI offers five specialized Career Trainings taught by seasoned professionals who teach you how to jumpstart and advance your career. Get the training you need for the job you want.

The following LI trainings focus on career development:

Broadcast Journalism School

Discover how to obtain a position and build your career in the highly competitive, liberal-dominated field of broadcast journalism.

Civil Service Opportunity School

Break into the liberal-dominated Civil Service based on the knowledge and experience of top Washington insiders. No longer should conservatives allow the left to control the bureaucracy.

Conservative Career Workshop

Highlight your personal strengths and appeal to those who do the hiring in congressional offices, think tanks, associations, non-profits, or campaigns.  Hundreds of LI graduates are currently working in conservative organizations and offices.

Conservative Intern Workshop

Discover how to stand out from the crowd and transition from internships to full-time employment during this FREE one-day training.

Foreign Service Opportunity School

The Foreign Service Opportunity School counters the Foreign Service’s entrenched liberal establishment by teaching conservatives how to enter the Foreign Service, pass the entrance exam, and learn more about careers in the field of international relations.  For more information about this school contact the Leadership Institute at 703-247-2000.

Writing Workshop

Present your views in an op-ed, editorial, newspaper or magazine article, blog post, or general office correspondence by learning to avoid common errors and improve critical grammar.