Post Election Guide

Post-Election Resource Guide

The polls are closed and the results are in. While mid-terms present an exciting opportunity for new talent in the House and Senate, elections are a harsh reality for those who lose their jobs. Fortunately, conservative organizations are hiring!

In the Post Election Resource Guide, you will find a comprehensive overview of the opportunities available. Please use this guide to discover how you can apply your talents in a new role!

Jobseeker Guide

The Jobseeker Guide

Are you ready to take the next big step in your career? The Leadership Institute has tools to help you. In this guide, you'll find information on how to improve every aspect of your job search. From resumes, to cover letters, to networking, LI has you covered.

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Make Your Resume Stand Out

The right resume, a little networking, and a pro-active self-marketing strategy can get you the interview you've been waiting for.

The average recruiter spends 10 seconds looking at a resume. Is your resume up to the task of getting noticed in such a short time? The experts behind are here to help you maximize your accomplishments and make sure your resume gets noticed among dozens or even hundreds of other applicants. Click above to set up your personalized resume consultation.

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Mastering the Interview

So you've arranged an interview! Your first response is elation... followed closely by pre-interview anxiety. What do you say? How should you act? What do you wear? Relax. Getting an interview is half the battle. The key to a great interview is your ability to master the basics. Follow the link above to set up a mock interview to make sure your skills are up to snuff.

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Networking to Get the Job

Many times in politics, first it's who you know, then it's what you know that gets a job offer. Navigating the waters of the political movement to make genuine connections can be a challenge. Here are some practical and proven principles you can use to expand your contacts and create relationships that can help you throughout your political career.

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Internship and Fellowship Programs

Are you just starting your career? A recent college graduate? Sometimes interning for a conservative organization or Capitol Hill office is the ideal way to get your foot in the door and gain real world work experience. There are many established internship and fellowship programs within the conservative movement. Find out more about these professional programs and learn how you can apply.

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Get the Training You Need to Get the Job You Want

Want a new job but don't have the technical skills to qualify for it? The Leadership Institute is here to help! From Public Speaking Workshops to Campaign Management Schools, the Leadership Institute is here to help you gain a new skillset and connect you with our faculty and students.

The Leadership Institute stands alone as the only conservative organization with the mission to increase the number and effectiveness of conservative activists and leaders in the public policy process. The Institute doesn't analyze policy; it teaches conservative Americans how to influence policy through direct participation - activism and leadership.

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Living Your Life in Washington, DC

Starting a new career and moving to a new city can be a daunting endeavor. Never fear, there are numerous resources to help you make the transition much smoother. Here are several resources to help you find housing, locate roommates, and get situated in the Washington, DC area.