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  • How do I create a job seeker profile on CJ?
    All you need to do to create a job seeker profile is to follow the link below and complete your profile.

    [Insert link]
  • How do I create a recruiter profile on CJ?
    Make sure you've selected the recruiter button when you sign up on our main page or you can follow the link below to create a recruiter profile.

    [Insert link]
  • I already have a job seeker account but want to add a recruiter account as well. How can I do that?
    [Tech jargon needed]
  • How do I apply to jobs on
    You must have a job seeker profile on to apply to jobs through the site. Once you've created a full profile, you'll be able to apply to jobs using the blue "Apply" button while logged in. Before completing your application, you will be prompted to select the documents including a resume to submit with your application. Any jobs you apply to will then say "Applied" in a grayed out button where the "Apply" button once was.
  • My profile says it's incomplete. How do I complete my profile?
    In order to have a complete profile, you must have:
    • A complete Profile section
    • At least one resume uploaded
    • A complete Public Policy Questionnaire
    • References completed by two sources
  • Which resume will recruiters see on my profile?
    If you've applied to a job, the recruiter who receives the application will only be able to view the documents you selected when you submitted your application. If a recruiter is running a search for a specific job seeker and views your profile, they will only be able to view the documents you have set as your defaults.
  • Why can't I upload my resume?
    Only PDFs can be uploaded to in the documents section. Any other format including Microsoft Word will no longer be accepted by the site. This is to preserve the format and information of your resumes and other documents. [Insert more tech instructions when Document Upload is done].
  • What is the PPQ and do I really need to complete it?
    Our Public Policy Questionnaire has been carefully tailored to ensure that your ideology is authentically represented to our recruiters. Many recruiters view this information as highly important in their consideration of candidates and search for candidates based on answers to some of the questions. While you do not have to complete the PPQ, if you leave it blank, your profile will be marked incomplete and your profile may not show up in some recruiter searches.
  • Why isn't my photo uploading?
    [Tech jargon needed]
  • How do I upload documents to my profile?
    [Tech jargon needed]
  • I can't remember my password, what should I do?
    All you need to do is follow the link below to re-set your password using the email address you signed up for with. [Insert link]
  • My account says it's locked, what happened?
    Please contact the Leadership Institute at the link below and we'll be happy to help you get your account working again. [Insert link]