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Regional Field Coordinator

Leadership Institute

1101 N Highland St

Arlington , VA 22201

United States

Job Description

The Leadership Institute is seeking a Regional Field Coordinator (RFC) to work in our Campus Leadership Program. Regional Field Coordinators are responsible for organizing our MI, MN, WI region of our nationwide network of more than 2,030 conservative student groups. This also involves extensive travel on a monthly basis within your region to organize student activists and conduct institute training programs.

Day-to-day tasks of an RFC will have you constantly thinking on your feet and using creativity to tackle problems. This job will require you to travel and interact with various conservative organizations to build a coalition on campus.

The duties of an RFC include:

  •     Recruiting and organizing students.
  •     Providing student groups with advice to help them grow and    sustain their organizations.
  •     Assisting students with exposing liberal bias on campus.
  •     Working with student activists to engage in activism projects on their campus.
  •     Coaching students on handling the media and message development.
  •     Offering advice for dealing with administrators.

An RFC should possess a strong commitment to conservative values and an understanding of the dynamics of college/youth activism on campus. A working knowledge of student government, on-campus organizations, student newspapers, and field team management is crucial. A passion for conservative activism is required.

Applicants should apply via the one-click apply option at the top of this page. Contact Kristin Dobson, National Field Director, with any additional questions about this position. Kristin Dobson can be reached at 703-647-3385 or


Type of Position


Required Employment Authorization

U.S. Citizen

Start Date


Required Experience

Not Specified

Required Education


Required Major


Required Travel


Hourly Rate (US$)


Annual Salary (US$)


Relocation Assistance Provided


Required Skills

  •     Past involvement in a conservative campus organization
  •     Youth organizing experience
  •     Experience with campus activism
  •     Strong reading, writing, and editing skills
  •     A working knowledge of conservative politics
  •     Strong oral communication abilities
  •     Public speaking/training experience
  •     Willingness to travel
  •     A valid U.S. driver's license

Desired Skills

  •     Experience with student government
  •     Experience with student publications
  •     Campaign experience
  •     Sales/management experience
  •     Event planning/recruitment experience
  •     Proficiency with new media

Required Certifications