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Donor Relations Officer

Leadership Institute

1101 N Highland St

Arlington , VA 22201

United States

Job Description


Donor Relations Officer Responsibilities and Expectations


Technical Setup


·       Raiser’s Edge (Tech)


·       ResearchPoint (Tech)


·       MapPoint (Tech)


·       Outlook (Tech)


·       Cisco Communicator (Tech)


·       Income Report (email David Hempel)


·       Create shortcut to “Southeast” folder, located on the “Devo” drive


Daily Expectations


·       Manage relationships with all $500-$999.99 donors


o   Promptly call to follow up on regional gifts


o   Write thank you notes for gifts


o   Follow up on all donor communication


o   Develop Relationship with Southeast “B1-3” caseload.


·       Serve as an assistant to John


o   Run query to determine which donors John needs to thank; set up reminders until contact


o   Submit John’s expense reports to Steven Sutton


·       Donor Visits


o   Run regional query for donors $XXX+ for John’s review


o   Run Excel spreadsheet through Google maps.


o   Mail specified donors to request meetings 3 weeks out


o   Call specified donors starting 2 weeks out


·       Mailings


o   Ascertain the existing Direct Mail schedule


§  Form a relationship with John Davis; ask for a run-down of Direct Mail practices


§  Talk to Mitch Nozka about email calendar


o   Determine what LI updates currently exist for easy access


§  Form a relationship with Carol Wehe and David Fenner for LI program updates


§  Talk to Robert Arnakis for Grassroots updates


o   Suggest mailings to John for approval, which can include:


§  Upcoming LI regional training invitations and “Sorry You Missed It” follow-ups


§  LI Conservative Graduate updates


§  Morton letters


§  Daylily letters


o   Create a schedule for annual mailings, including:


§  Memorial Day (Calls)


§  Fourth of July (Calls)


§  Veteran’s Day (Calls)


§  Thanksgiving (Calls)


§  Christmas (Big mailing)


·       Annuities


o   Mail annuity checks every quarter


o   Learn to generate an annuity quote in Crescendo (see Chris Vari)


§  Submit quote to Joe Metzger for approval


§  Mail quote to donor


§  Once annuity is received:


·       Set up an appointment with Morton to sign annuity contract


·       Mail two copies of the signed contract to donor; set reminder to follow up in two weeks


Regional Representation


·       Morton Calls


o   Maintain a query for $5,000+ donors


o   Ask Cathy Graham for a meeting with Morton


o   Prepare a donor informational packet (on desk)


o   Come prepared to discuss the purpose of the call with Morton


·       Meeting Memos


o   Edit John’s meeting memos


o   Send John-approved, edited memo to Steven Sutton for approval


o   Scan and send Steve-edited memo back to John




·       Intern


o   If interested in either a KIP or LI intern for the semester, ask Karla Bruno well in advance of intern placement


o   Develop several coherent projects for intern; for example:


§ Scanning foundation/donor paperwork into Raiser’s Edge


§ Develop one region-specific intern biography mailing


o   Interns can manage $100-$499 donors for thank you calls and notes


Educational Opportunities


·       Take advantage of both LI- and other-organization-sponsored educational opportunities

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to John McGovern at 

Type of Position


Required Employment Authorization

U.S. Citizen

Start Date


Required Experience

Not Specified

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Required Major

Required Travel


Hourly Rate (US$)

Annual Salary (US$)

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